About us

The Japan Paper Import Company - short japico - was established in 1924 by Dr. Hans Drissler. The company grew continuous to one of the main importers and wholesalers from Japan-, artists- and printing papers in Germany and Europe durring the following decades. Mid-1990s, this situation changed. By selling the japico by the descendants of the founder to the company Hahnemühle in 1996 the Japico-company lost its independence. The importance of japico shrank abruptly.

With the spin-off in management by out by Erich Gruber in 2002 began a life of the japico company its own again. Japico’s new focus was beside Japan papers for restoration, the country representatives for Hahnemühle- and Fabriano papers and Klug archive boxes for Austria.

In order to serve the customers in Germany, Switzerland, France, Benelux, England and the Internet a better service in the future, the Japico Dietz GmbH took over all import activities of Japaneese papers and their distribution for Germany and Western Europe on 01st april 2016.

Postal adress:

Japico Dietz GmbH

Tel:      +49 (0) 6074 215 16 520

Kreuzstr. 3

01067 Dresden


Fax:    +49 (0) 6074 215 16 529

E-mail:  feinpapier@japico.eu

You can buy easily and quickly purchase Japico papers and goods very easy here in our webshop. After setting up an account and activate your individual customer conditions by us, you will get your desired Japanese paper, brushes and glue to the customary conditions.
The stock of Japico Dietz GmbH is stettled and the goods shipment is organized from Dresden (Germany). Therefore, all items - unless otherwise indicated - has to sold with the German local VAT rate of 19%.