The stock of Japico Dietz GmbH are based and the goods shipment is organized from Vienna (Austria). Therefore - unless otherwise indicated - all items sold wiht local VAT rate of 20%.

The minimum order value is Euro 50,00 (net value).

To new customers we shipp only AFTER payment has been received !

Paper in sheets of less than a packaging unit will be shipped flat lying between 2 cardboards by a parcel service.

The shipping costs within Europe costs 20,00 EUR (net). For orders in other delivery zones, the shipping costs are billed according to real expenses.

To reduce shipping and transportation costs for small items or single or paper samples you can choose to send them via A4-letter. We charge such a letter with 4.50 euros (net). (Attention: papers lagers as A4 will folded on A4-format.)

Larger quantities are shipped by freight carrier. Often these goods are then packed on a Euro pallet. Please keep therefore a corresponding Euro pallet ready to swap otherwise we must charge you this.

The shipping costs within Europe are billed as flat rate of delivery zones.

Zone 1 (AT, DE): 20,00 Euro (net).

Zone 2 (z.B. FR, NL, UK): 25,00 Euro (net)

Zone 4 (z.B. CH, GR):  45,00 Euro (net)

For deliveries to not listed countries, the shipping costs are billed according to actual expenses.

To reduce shipping and transportation costs, we have the opportunity to send  small items or single or sample sheets folded as A4-letter. For this, we charge 10.00 (net) / 12.00 (gross). offers free shipping within Europe from following order amounts:

zone 1 (AT, DE): 250,00 Euro (net).

zone 2 (z.B. FR, NL, UK): 300,00 Euro (net)

zone 4 (z.B. CH, GR):  450,00 Euro (net)

Notice about planned/scheduled transit time:

The ordered goods are usually packed even on the same or next business day and prepared for delivery by DPD. DPD standard delivery times are 2-4 business days.

Express orders are available upon request.

Shipping to countries outside the EU:

In cases of shipments of goods to countries outside the EU, our customers get an invoice
(excluding VAT and with an 'declaration of origin') of the Japico-Dietz company. The import of goods in the country of destination has to organized  by the customer itself and of its own responsibilities.

Notice for customers in Switzerland in the area of Konstanz:

Because of high tariffs and delivery costs japico offer so far no general shipping to Switzerland. However, a commercial third party ( offers the possibility to send goods to an address in Konstanz (Germany), which is associated with a significantly lower cost and delivery times. The package with to Japico goods has to picked up by the customer itself and the goods imported into Switzerland by him. The maximum value for imports (as of November 2014) are 300 CHF (equivalent to about 250, - Euro). The japico accepts no liability for information on third-party and the import regulations.

The estimated shipping costs are only available if you have the desired product in the correct numbers in your shopping cart.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.